The Joint Research Center published the third report based on EC’s Recommendation for a Definition of the Term “Nanomaterial”


In 2013, The Joint Research Center (JRC) started to develop a series of three scientific-technical reports based on evaluation of options to clarify the European Commision’s (EC) 2011 Recommendation on a definition of nanomaterials. Now they have published the third report entitled “Towards a review of the EC Recommendation for a definition of the term “nanomaterial”: Part 3: Scientific-technical evaluation of options to clarify the definition and to facilitate its implementation.”

In this third report, JRC describes scientific and technical options in order to clarify the definition and facilitate its implementation.JRC states that the scope of the definition regarding the origin of nanomaterials should remain unchanged, addressing natural, incidental, and manufactured nanomaterials. According to JRC, because of the regulatory purpose of the definition, there is little evidence to support deviating from size as the sole defining property of a nanoparticle or from the range of 1 nanometer (nm) to 100 nm as the definition of the nanoscale.  



Date of the last update: 31/03/2016